Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Those Left Behind

You've seen what those of us on the Indiana trip did for the time we were gone. So, what did the others do?

Jeff is at basic training at an army base in GA.

Rick worked his normal shift and Tyler and Adam worked some and hung out some. Tyler works at the theater, and Adam works at Church's Chicken. He's working a lot of hours for a 16-year-old. But since he wants Air Jordan shoes I guess he'll need the money to keep up on his tastes in shoes and clothing.

Adam went in for a sport's physical yesterday. He measured at 5'10.5". Tyler appears taller, so we need to get Tyler measured to see if he's made it to six foot. We mark and measure on the wall, but I'd like an official measurement.
So what do you think? Is Tyler six foot or not?

In other news, Jessica is still at Explorer's camp. She called last night and said it's pretty tough, and the day starts at 4 a.m. with them being woken up in not-so-gentle ways.

Also, one of the littles made a serious accusation against an older brother. I don't believe what she said happened did happen here within our house. But she has knowledge she shouldn't have. If I thought it had happened, I would have called the authorities right then. But since I think it happened at the O. and something triggered the memory, I called our counselor instead. She reminded me she was a mandatory reporter and I repeated that if I thought it had happened I would have already made the call, but I'd prefer not to traumatize any of the children by putting them through an investigation by someone who does not know our family. I told her I'd like her to interview them as soon as possible and sort out what happened in the past that the child has this knowledge and what might have brought it to her mind now. So we will be dealing with that very soon.

The girls are less than two weeks from their report date for mission camp. Both are short around $300 and we are hoping that maybe someone meant to donate and kept putting it off and that they'll feel led to donate now.

The three little ones just finished the second day of a four day soccer camp. It meets 4-6 p.m. and it is pretty hot out there, but they get lots of water breaks. I don't have any pictures yet but might take pictures if they have a scrimmage the final day.

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