Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Girls

Most of the team arrived Tuesday afternoon and evening with the rest arriving Wednesday a.m. As they were moving into tents, it poured. All the tents flooded and had to be dried out with towels which were rung out and rerung out. It's definitely not for the faint of heart. In fact there is a sign on the front office that says "Pamper camp is down the street." This is not a church camp with games and swimming and what not. It's a mission training camp.
Normally you don't hear from the camp, but I've heard twice so far because Jessica forgot her retainer and the rest of her money so the head leader called. I had already discovered it and had just gotten back from mailing the retainer and the money when they called. Then Jessica turned out to be $130 short because she'd recorded one check twice. So they called again this morning and let me know. Money is on the way.

The lady that called was from finance so doesn't work with the kids, but she had been the one helping them dry out the tents, so I was able to ask about the girls. She said Jasmine "is quite a character." Yep. This camp is big on organization and Jasmine's frontal lobe (which helps with organization) is damaged. So no one will ever use the word organized to describe Jasmine. But she is a sweetie.

When the lady was there, Jasmine couldn't find one of her boots. It was in the middle of her tent. The same lady helped zip her in her tent for the night and then realized that one of Jasmine's boots was laying outside the tent. Not a good idea since it rains often.

Probably orientation.

Jessica in charge.

The team did the obstacle course for the first time this morning. Many of the kids fell into the slough. If you aren't familiar with the obstacle course, go to the TMI website and watch some of the videos or look through the pictures. They have daily updates on facebook right now.

Jasmine is one of the youngest and smallest on the team. I'm hoping that the older girls all have good attitudes about the tough conditions and the challenges because Jasmine is very much a follower. If they have good attitudes, she will too. If they have lousy attitudes, she will too.

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