Sunday, June 26, 2011


The girls are safely delivered to Teen Missions' headquarters in Merritt Island where Jessica is an assistant leader and Jasmine is a preteen camper for the next six weeks or so.

The rest of their team will be arriving between 10a.m. Tuesday and 10 a.m. Wednesday. They'll register Wednesday, get their shirts, canteens etc and start training on Thursday. They leave for AZ Monday July 10.

Getting wheelbarrows to move their stuff to the campsite. Jasmine's wheelbarrow probably weighed as much as she does!

Um. Did I mention that the wheelbarrow was quite a handful for Jasmine??? Jessica is checking out the crash scene because it was actually her stuff in Jasmine's wheelbarrow. They traded wheelbarrows so Jasmine would have the one with two wheels but it was actually not the better choice for her because it was much heavier and the wheels were wacko.


Getting the boxes moved in to the tent. The tents are all wet inside due to rain. Note to self: bring extra old towels to dry out tent next time.

Improvised drying line. The one towel didn't do much toward drying out the tent.

All moved in--but not organized!

Um, yep, she tipped the wheelbarrow over with this load too.

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Karen said...

Wow, they are really going to have an experience there! Prayers for health and safety.