Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Twins

I just realized that I never posted the twins' new pictures. I posted them on facebook but not on my blog. So here they are.

A somewhat hokey smile.

Love the attitude in this one.


Another one together. Which do you like best?

I always get both together and individual. The first two individual ones are what's on my wall because they each deserve their own picture on the wall. But I also do them together because their bond as twins is very special.

I get asked quite a lot if they are identical. When I say, "No, they are boy and girl" people will say, "But are you sure they aren't identical?" Then I say, "No. One has little boy parts and one has little girl parts so they cannot be identical." At this point I usually get blank looks.

Really, they do resemble each other but no more than any other non twin siblings. Kayla is actually built wider and more sturdy than Kaleb. Right now she is also two inches taller than him. But even when they were the same height, her feet were 1-2 sizes bigger, her hands are much bigger and she is wider.

Last week I put her hair back in twists and beads since it's grown out some, so I'm not getting the question about them being identical as much.


Nadia said...

hey! we are headed south in a few weeks..doing South Carolina and FLORIDA! I was wondering if you can you give us any tips on things to do/see deals to find on disney??

Julie said...

Wow have they grown! Great Pictures!

Kathy C. said...

Thank you Julie.

Nadia--we are in the panhandle about seven hours from Orlando. We have one year tickets to Universal/Islands of Adventure because it's much less expensive than Disney. But for a one time trip I'd definitely see Disney. I think it's probably cheaper online and three day passes are a much better deal than one day.

Felicia said...

I like all of the pictures. I love the picture of Kayla showing her attitude.