Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What to Say

Sometimes it's hard to know what to say on a blog. I've read blogs where everything is right out there to read about and others where I wonder if they ever have any problems. Everything is all happy and praise God. Make no mistake, I think we should praise God but sometimes we are praising him from the trenches. But I'm not sure that everything everyone did should be posted. It's kind of hard to know where the balance is.

For instance, if I tell you that this week we've worked on reading, gone skating, played outside, worked on tumbling, missed the girls who are at camp and sent teens off to work, that would all be true. But it's not a true picture of our life.

But if I tell you that I found a hidden cell phone and told you what kind of picture were on it including those of the owner, that would probably be a little too much information. But acting like we're not still dealing with one of the little's accusations against another family member and the plans for long term counseling for her, and acting like we are not very disappointed in the phone owner and making long term weekly counseling for him a requirement for any sports and privileges would be a unrealistic picture of our life.

So I guess for now I'll just say we are dealing with new issues and also with issues I had hoped were resolved. Trust is broken but hopefully parent-child and sibling to sibling relationships aren't. Some children are no longer allowed together unsupervised. One is no longer allowed to go the mall or other places unsupervised. And nowhere with unsupervised internet access.

I support my children. I hope for the best for them. I believe they are all capable of making good choices. I believe they are amazing children who can change the world. But I also know that every single decision matters. And the choices made today impact the future. So right now we are working out plans to help each child get the help or support he or she needs and to grant the privileges allowable within that framework.

But if you just want to know the fun stuff--picture ahead.

Kayla skating. The skating rink gave out free passes for some of the summer sessions through the schools.

Kaleb is wearing the Lion King skates Tyler got for one of his early birthdays. These skates have been worn by several children through the years. Sad that this is likely the last child to wear them. (His feet are a lot smaller than Kayla's)

He still has to wear the patch.

Candy Land with dad.

Adam practicing tumbling. I used the sports setting to capture it step by step.


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Jasmine said...

Great cartwheel action shots! I have times when I don't know what to say either, other blogs make it seem so easy!