Saturday, June 25, 2011


Outside the M&M store in the Orlando mall.

We did some looking but no buying. I'll stick to getting my M&Ms at Walmart for a fraction of the price.

We bought this headband for .99 at Children's Place. Aren't we the big spenders?

Shared food.

Butterbeer at Islands of Adventure.

We went on the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey. It broke down several times while we were in line. They closed it and people started leaving. Just as we were leaving, it reopened. So it kind of made up for the time we waited while it was broken down. We waited about 70 minutes.

We only went on Forbidden Journey, Cat in the Hat and Spiderman. Then it started pouring and didn't let up so we left. We sat an hour on the highway because of an accident. So not the day we'd planned.

Now we're in the hotel eating a ham and pineapple pizza. Tomorrow the girls check in at Teen Missions.

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