Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Getting Ready for the Mission Trip

Things are about to change here. The girls are in their final days home for several weeks. On Friday we are going to drive to Orlando, going to Universal/Islands of Adventure to use our resident passes on Saturday and then checking in at Teen Missions on Merritt Island on Sunday. That is the day the leaders arrive. Jasmine is a leader's child this summer : )

The other team members will arrive on the 29th.

They have orientation and then several days of "boot camp" where they do an obstacle course, learn construction, songs and skits. They commission on July 9. If anyone is in the Merritt Island area, they can attend that.

The girls finally leave for AZ on July 10. I will be driving to Atlanta that same day--but my trip is only a few hours whereas theirs is two days. Their actual AZ work project starts July 13 and ends July 30. That sounds really short, but I bet it won't feel short in the heat wearing long pants and work boots!

Jessica is packing up her stuff. Everything is suppose to arrive in boxes and the leaders & team members will be given a large duffel bag and a back pack for the trip. This is the only team not going out of country and not flying. It sure would be faster to fly to AZ than drive from FL!

Jasmine is packed up--just needed to add a couple of last minute things--like a jacket. I guess AZ can get cool at night.

We have so much stuff!! Jasmine is taking extra boots in case she falls in the slough. It's important that her feet stay dry with her toe issues. She also has special cream and meds. Plus her hair requires more products. She didn't want it just corn rowed for the summer so she'll have to work with it there.

Jessica may not like that bucket so well after washing clothes and herself with it all summer!!

If you want to write to the girls:

From June 26-July 2:

Jessica Cassel

Jasmine Cassel

Team 11072

871 East Hall Rd.

Merritt, FL 32953

From July 2 until July 20

Jessica Cassel

Jasmine Cassel

P.O. Box 882

Pinon, AZ 86510

They can only receive cards and letters, no goodies or packages : (


Karen said...

Wow, Kathy, it's that time already! I bet they are excited. It will feel different at home. Praying for safety and health and blessings during their trip.

Christine said...

What an awesome experience this will be for them. Hope they have an amazing time!