Thursday, June 2, 2011

Children's Museum

We went to the Indy Children's Museum on the way to my mom's. We lost a lot of time when we were ready to get tickets and found out a child had wet and not said and was standing there in pee soaked clothes. So that meant a trip all the way back out to the car to change her and then back in to stand in line. In the process Jessica's capris got soaked and she had to change too!! So we started the museum visit with a time out. (The child had gotten into the soda and drank a 16 oz soda she didn't have permission to drink)
Jessica and Jasmine


Jasmine and I playing a game.






the girls

rock climbing

the girls



kayla in the Barbie exhibit

kayla and diego

jasmine and diego

We ran out of time long before we ran out of stuff to see!!!!! It closed at 5:00 and we still had two floors to see.


Christine said...

How fun! What a nice way to start summer vacation.

Julie said...

You guys know how to make a road trip fun!

Kathy C. said...

It was a good trip. We try to make the journey just as fun as the destination. we rarely drive straight through.

BIG DOG said...

Were you able to sneak "BumbleBee" out for Adam?