Saturday, January 22, 2011


Jeff took his ASVAB yesterday. He scored a 67--well above what he needed for the army. He has a meeting Monday at 2:00 to plan the next steps.

Jessica is on the north side of Atlanta at TMI leadership training. She made the six hour drive alone, but did fine.

Kayla got student of the month!

(Unfortunately she took her teacher's bag of M&Ms and hid in the bathroom eating them the next day. We will be replacing them with her allowance.)

Jasmine did not do well with her neck adjustment on Tuesday. They were not able to complete it. They wanted her to come back in Friday and use laughing gas to keep her calm during the procedure but we didn't get insurance approval in time. Not sure what it going to happen with this.

The twins are getting ready for their third basketball game. I hope to get some pictures.


One Crowded House said...

that is great to hear about Jeff's score!

Karen said...

Way to go, Jeff. May all go smooth. Sorry to hear about Jessica's neck. I know that must be hard for her.