Saturday, January 29, 2011

99 Cent Gingerbread houses

Went shopping to find outfits for nine of us for the church directory picture next month. Jeff doesn't go to army boot camp until May 9 so he will be here too.
Didn't buy anything, but have ideas for what everyone will wear--sort of (at least colors). One thing I did find was gingerbread houses marked down to .99. All the kids except Tyler were hanging around the house plus Anthony so I figured someone would want to build the houses.
Jessica and Anthony built one.
Jeff and Jasmine built the other.

First team done.

I know that look. Hehehehe.


Wii is such hard work.

The boy loves his food : ) Actually I took this because he cooked tonight. I'll post photos and recipes next week.


Karen said...

Cool, I love Christmas - lets just keep it all year! :)

Christine said...

Hmm, where have I been? And who is Anthony?? :) Just kidding you don't have to answer, but I would love to know.

Kathy C. said...

Jessica has known Anthony for about a year. Last June they got to know each other better at a one week police explorer's boot camp. A very tough week! He's been hanging around since as a close friend. I guess Sunday they decided they were now "in a relationship." Thankfully neither of them is in a hurry. He is a year younger but unfortunately two years behind in school which puts her at the community college and him still in high school. He's a sweetie but not a saint. He's genuine and he goes to church with her for Bible study Wed nights. (Although he's actually in Jeff's group).