Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cassel Crew Kids on the Run

From 2000-2004 we ran/jogged/plodded in fun runs and 5Ks at least two weekends a month. We lived on a dirt road that was good for practicing, we had a path around our 5 acres that was a good practice place too, and there was always a race within three hours of us. Jeff and Adam had quite a trophy collection. Jessica has several too. Any foster kids with us ran too (if they wanted to and they all did).

Then we moved down here and stopped running.

But today the kids hit the road again. Jasmine ran her first race--a one mile fun run. Jessica ran the one-mile fun run too. Jeff and Adam did the 5K. It was a very small race so everyone placed. It was small because it was in the low 30s this morning at race time!!

Adam gives Jeff a hand with his number.


Jessica waiting

Jasmine waiting

Jeff took first place overall with a time of 19:30. He would have been in sooner if he hadn't gotten lost twice!

Adam was 4th overall with a time of 21:43. Since Jeff took first overall, that made Adam first in age group.

The girls ready to run. Adam jogged along with Jasmine to encourage her.


Jessica was the only one in her age group so she was first with a time of 9:56. That's pretty good for just starting back at it.

Jasmine beat out two much taller girls in the 9/10 age group with a time of 11:27. Very nice for her first try.
She was crying during the race but she said it wasn't her neck, she was just stressed.

The trophies didn't come in so we have to pick Jeff's up later. I'll post a picture : )

They ran out of golds so gave out silvers with a promise of a gold when they arrive.

Last night Jessica and three friends and Adam all went to the Friday night skate but Jessica's pictures didn't come out well.

Today Tyler and Jessica worked, and I went to the gym. Adam and Jeff went along, and while I was on treadmill, they played basketball with a couple of other guys.

It doesn't look like Adam will be able to play on the youth center team. It's full and no one else signed up in order for them to split it into two teams. He wants to go back to the big public high school in order to play sports. We talked about what it would take for me to be able to trust him to make good choices and also the F's and D's he has now must come up. We will see. We are hoping Jasmine gets chosen for the charter school either next year or the following year. She's okay where she is at and has one more year there, but then she goes into middle school and I don't really like any of them. Not for her. So we are trying to get her in the charter now so if she misses she can be on the waiting list and get in the next year.
There is a 15K, which is 9.3 miles, coming up in two weeks. The boys are going to run tomorrow to see if they can make 9 miles!!


Felicia said...

Oh, and which run are you running in? Running and I don't mix.

Kathy C. said...

: )

I was walking/jogging the 5Ks when we left GA but haven't done much since then so I'm the photographer. I may eventually do it again but I"m not a runner and have no speed. Depends on how my knees hold up as I try to build back up to it. I did one on the treadmill and it was pitiful, but I did it. Concrete is another issue altogether : ( Jessica did a practice 5K today and did well for her but with two brothers built for speed....