Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December Food

Jasmine made taco soup in the crock pot.

This is an approximate recipe:
Taco Soup
Can of black beans drained
Can of kidney beans drained
Can of corn drained
14 oz can tomato sauce
Can of corn
Tomato juice (large can)
Taco seasoning
1 lb browned ground beef

Combine in crock pot and cook at least one hour

Ty made (frozen) stuffed shells, peas and garlic bread.

Jessica made lasagna. She didn't have a recipe. She just layered noodles, ricotta with an egg mixed in, mozzarella cheese and sauce.

Adam made baked chicken, sweet potatoes (they didn't come out quite right), mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts. He does well but he doesn't always read the directions all the way through. He will just read the ingredients and then mix them all together when sometimes something is supposed to be added later. It's probably a guy thing.


One Crowded House said...

taco soup is one of our favorites!

Lisa said...

Our taco soup recipe is similar - and everyone loves it! We don't drain the veggies, and use 28 oz of crushed tomatoes instead of sauce and juice. We also add a pkg Ranch dressing mix.

LOL about Adam's not following the recipe instructions... My husband once said to me after making a Hamburger Helper that we used to have often, "How come it doesn't turn out like yours?" My response: "Did you follow the instructions on the box?" He was silent/dumbfounded. We still laugh about it. Yes, he used to just dump it all together instead of waiting for the boil to put in the noodles. It's a guy thing. But he's a better spontaneous cook than me. I need a recipe!

Karen said...

I love all those dishes. Looks good and that the kids made them is so special. Which was your fav?

Kathy C. said...

They all came out well. We hadn't had either the shells or lasagna in a long time so it was nice to have those again.

Renee said...

YUM! Your children's spouses are going to be SO blessed by tehir cooking skills!