Monday, January 3, 2011

Just hanging out

We have just been hanging out the past week. We played games, Wii and shot air soft guns.
All the Wii pictures tend to look the same so I'll just post the more animated shots.

Jasmine can jump but can't do certain arm movements due to the neck surgery. It actually didn't effect the neck other than three large incisions on the back. They start inflating the balloons under the skin on Jan. 11. That may limit her more.

Ty ducks under an obstacle.

We waited until after Christmas to buy our English Christmas crackers so they were half price. We started this tradition while living in England of course. Now if we could just find the toy filled cadbury Easter eggs....

Everyone modeled their cracker crowns. If you didn't see the family pictures with the crowns, go back a post.






Kaleb shows the crayons that were in his cracker.


We have played lots of Yahtzee. Triple Yahtzee actually.

Jeff has been studying for his ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) on Friday.

Toy Story kerplunk

Don't spill the beans. It's interesting to see the combination of kids that choose to play together.

Blues Clues memory

Jessica has worked a lot of hours this vacation but it will help with her textbooks for next semester.

I found the old board in my mom's closet but no sticks so Jasmine is using a mini pool cue from our game table.

This vacation hasn't been without it's problems unfortunately. My cell phone went missing and mysteriously reappeared on my desk. (Like I hadn't already searched there countless times and even taken everything off my desk and dusted). There is no confession and no repentance. just outright insistence by the child who took it that he didn't take it.

But overall vacation has gone well. Most of the children have cooperated and done well getting done what needed done in order to play and have interacted well with siblings.
Today those who want to are going out to shoot some pictures and then go to the Pizza Hut buffet. I think all but two plan to go. One has undone work and one isn't feeling the best.


Felicia said...

We used to buy chocolate eggs with a toy inside in Germany but they don't sell them here. We were told it was because of federal regualtions and the toy size which is a choking hazzard.

Looks like y'all had a good, relaxing break.

Have you figured out the citizenship thing? I have issues with Joselin since she shredded all her adoption paperwork long ago. I had a hard time even getting her birth certificate. I need to find a way to get her citizenship done and may need to have her adoption opened which means getting a lawyer and such. Yuck.

One Crowded House said...

we used to have a carom board... fun!

Momto16 said...

Toys in chocolate eggs? Hmm... would these be Kinder Eggs? They have them in canada and we are close and I can get some and mail them over when I get up there next time. Just let me know. Some of the border crossings have banned them since the choking thing.. but sheesh- our kids could choke on anything! they are great fun!
Winter months would be best to ship to you huh? :)
Talk soon!

Kathy C. said...

F-we've done all the paperwork. They just need to sign it and send it!!!

Mto16-Not sure if they are the same. We will live without : ) Or maybe a field trip to England??? We've added three children since those days.

Kathy C. said...

M to 16--just looked and the kids bought that kind with their own money but the ones I got were big. Sometimes they had other candy inside not toys.

Karen said...

Love that ya'll play so many games. May this New Year be full of love and fun. Blessings**

Kathy C. said...

Thanks Karen. I wouldn't mind if it included another Tyndale contract : )