Sunday, January 23, 2011

Basketball Action

Our team is Magic in blue.

The little guys/girls meet for an hour on Saturdays. First they practice for a half hour, then they have a game.

Getting instruction

I call this picture "clueless" which pretty much describes Kaleb most of the time. He just runs laughing up and down the court and has no clue what's going on around him. In this picture he has his arms sort of up like he's defending, but he's just spinning around in circles totally oblivious to the fact there is a basketball game going on behind him.

This was a pass to Kaleb, but since he was looking the wrong way it bounced off the side of his head!
I think that watching Kaleb play his first season of basketball might be pretty entertaining : )
(Of course I can't let him know that or he'll clown around on purpose for the attention)

Kayla knows what to do but she's not very aggressive. That's okay. She's learning teamwork. I think she'll do more as she gains confidence.

End of game

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