Monday, October 13, 2008


Checking out the costumes.

All sorts of combinations.
We have a box of old outfits from school dress up days (Career, Disney),pilot for the day, etc. When we lived in England the kids had to wear a peasant outfit for one of their field trip so they couldn't have anything with butons or any dye they wouldn't have had. Adam is wearing the shirts and hat two pictures up with the pirates' pants.

Cinderella and the ugly stepsisters.

Princess on break
Pirate break
I don't think pink is his color.
I used the left over meat from the kabobs (earlier post) to make stew.


Christine said...

How fun! My boys would not ever let me take a picture with them in a dress! :)

Kathy said...

A couple years ago mine probably wouldn't have either but they are 13 & 18 and think it's funny since they are so obviously boys.

Lou said...

Ok, the ugly stepsisters are a bit much!!!!
Looks like you had fun anyways.

Mary- Girl's Get-A-Way said...

Kathy -- it's Mary from the Girls Getaway cruise blog! Just popping over to let you know that the cruise blog is open to ALL! I don't know anyone on the blog and I started it through premier christian cruises. I'm having a blast and getting to know so many women.

I hope to get to know you more! Are you going on the cruise? Some of our women can't go this year, but that doesn't mean they aren't a getaway girl (that's the name we coined for ourselves)


One Crowded House said...

Love it!