Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Halloween and

the kids are out and about.

Jessica is marching with the band at the football game.

Ty and Jasmine are out trick or treating. Yes, we let our children do this. Rick is with them and they are going to one neighborhood. Why should they miss the fun just because some people have chosen to look at the dark side? But that's me and I know a lot of people don't let their kids trick or treat and that's a good decision too. But please don't leave any comments about the evils of T or T.

Even the pumpkins are out!

But I am home finishing a book and trying to beat the deadline by three weeks. It is Just for Me: My Family and is the third book in that series. You can follow the book's progress HERE.

And Adam is..


Working and going to bed.

Now why would I be so cruel as to deprive one child of the fun? Well, those of you who have adopted children probably already have an idea. Because this is the child who thinks that rules are for everyone but him. He even had the chance to play with the high school band tonight. Jessica's director invited all 8th graders to play with them. There is school choice here and one high school attracts all the band kids--they have 170. We have 70 and are losing three next week. So he invited the 8th graders to join our band at the football game. What Adam didn't tell me is that there were extra practices at his school for those who wanted to do this. And forms to fill out. He didn't go to the practices or have the forms but still thought his director would let him play. Nope. And he was indignate. Too bad he didn't tell me about the practices, he's a good player.

Have a great weekend!


PreSchoolMama said...

This is the first year we have let our kids trick or treat. I got alot of grief from my sister but we really enjoyed this. We will definately do it again.

One Crowded House said...

oh man, I wanted to leave mean comments about trick or treating :)

Good for you for sticking with the discipline- even if it means missing out on fun for certain kids. That's hard a lot of the time, because it punishes the parents as well- they have to listen to the whining, grumping and complaining of that child! "oh, whoa is me!"

Loved the Minnie costume!

Kathy said...


Christine said...

Happy Halloween. Hopefully Adam will eventually get it. Good job Mom.