Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Dance

This is the lady who is here from the Moscow ballet. She looked a little scandalized at what Jasmine was wearing but I told her Jasmine had hip hop today not ballet. I'm not sure if she understood.
Jasmine in hip hop.

I forgot to post these Monday. We had the day off school and played our usual games and then decided to take advantage of the perfect weather and go to the driving range. I like it because you can get a bucket of balls for $2 so we can turn the kids loose with their own buckets without going broke.

My lefty hamming it up. She only has one golf club which we got used at a sport's store. She was suppose to ask her Aunt Lou for her lefty clubs this summer while we were up in Indiana and forgot.
Jasmine has her own little club we got at the same place.

This deer was in no danger from us!

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