Friday, October 17, 2008

Homecoming & typical teen drama

It's homecoming week at the high school. They dressed Hawaiian, worn Greek togas (twin size bed sheets), had sombrero/hat day and today is school spirit day. I don't have pictures because most days they took the outfits with and changed at school. The only pictures I have are from yesterday.

I thought they were both cute. Ty's friends thought his get up was cool. I actually got that serape in Mexico when I went down with friends in a pick up truck when I was 16. The one Jessica is wearing is from either Brazil or Peru and my uncle (Terry Bowers, father of Jim Bowers who was shot down over Peru and his wife and baby killed)brought it back and gave it to my grandmother and it was passed to me. But a bunch of Jessica's "friends" made fun of her and called her some rude things. When she tried to ignore them or act like it didn't matter they called her a bi---. Aren't kids charming?? Some things don't change over the years. She came home in a horrible mood and started taking it out on us and got sent to her room to cool down and adjust the attitude. That's all it really takes with her. She can get a real attitude but self adjusts. The only thing I ever have to do with her is take her iPod for a day or two.

Tonight is the homecoming game and Jessica is marching with the band. There was a homecoming parade at school yesterday and they marched down by one of the local elementary schools and threw candy. I think that's part of what set Jessica off. She hasn't had as much experience as the others due to being in a Christian school with no band until we transferred to public two weeks into the year last year. She is still learning the steps and routines and the kids can be vicious.

Tomorrow is the home coming dance. It's not just a guy-girl type dance. They do limbo, line dancing and all sorts of fun stuff. Jessica isn't going because she doesn't have a fancy smancy dress. So much pressure in high school. And no one asked her. The guy she went to the fair with turned out to have no belief in God so that relationship is going nowhere.

Tyler is going alone. He was too late in asking the girl he wanted to ask. A girl asked him but he decided to go alone and meet up with friends.

So that's the drama of our week.

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PreSchoolMama said...

It can be tough being a teen. I too went to private school and even there is not nice. Everyone was very stuck up and more into name labels. Whoever said High School is the best time of your life was sadly mistaken.