Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Daily Life: School

In my daily life post about morning, I talked about what we do before school and what time every one leaves. This continues from there.

Tyler and Jessica are in high school--senior and junior. Their school starts at 7:30 and ends at 2:30. Since they get there an hour early Jessica practices her saxophone in the band room. Tyler hangs out.

The schedule is broken into odd and even days. Classes are 90 minutes long. I think it would kill me to have algebra or chemistry for 90 minutes. On odd days Jessica has public speaking, band, 2-D art and chemistry. On even days she has integrated math (that comes after alg. 2), band, drama, and English. She has first lunch on odd days and second lunch on even.

Tyler has government, web design, drawing and dual sports on odd days and English, business computer programming, drama and digital design on even days. He has first lunch on odd days and second lunch on even days. The seniors can drop one class the second semester of their senior year so Ty no longer has dueal sports (Jan 08). However, the bus doesn't run earlier so he either has to pay the $1.20 to ride the city bus home or stay at school anyway.

When I was working Tuesday mornings at the church, we were off on 5th Tuesdays so I started taking Chinese or Subway to them every 5th Tuesday. That only happens about twice in a school year. Thankfully they have had the same lunch hours. Now that I'm not working at the church, I am still continuing it.

Tyler and Jessica are in the same drama class. Since the last names are the same, they sat side-by-side but they provided a bit too much sibling drama so were separated.

Their high school colors are gold/yellow, black, white so they can wear three button shirts in any of those colors. They can have a shirt under it of any of those colors too or a sweatshirt over it but the color of the shirt underneath has to show. I love that they did that. Takes away the pressure to buy high priced name brand clothes for school. There is still an amazing amount of variety in styles and looks within the "uniform" code.

Jeff would be in the same high school as T & J but at Camp T. where he is, they do A.C.E.. He should be a 10th grader but they have let him fall a year behind in many subjects. I do not believe that he would be able to handle the work in the public schools. It is very much advanced from what he is doing with the A.C.E. program. He has never written a paper or done a science or history fair project.

Adam is in 8th and will move up to the high school next year so even after Ty graduates this year, I'll still have two in the same highschool. Adam has
language 3, Algebra, U.S. history, phy ed, band and physical science. He has a regular schedule with each class being an hour every day but the order rotates. So what is your seventh hour class one day becomes your first hour class the next day. I'm not sure why they do that but it works. They are reminded each day in homeroom what class is first.

Adam's school colors are light blue, maroon and white.

The girls ready to go on a colder morning.

Jasmine is in second grade. Her colors are red, white and blue. In elementary school the shirts don't have to have collars and buttons but do have to be in school colors.

Report cards came out Monday and everyone pretty well with Jessica having the highest GPA>

It still feels so weird to only have four children in the house since in GA we had foster children and had up to seven at a time. Then we when moved to FL with our five, we were told five is it. So it was five for a while and then Jeff left and it's been four since. I hope the twins are home by next fall. We have a really good pre k program three hours a day. So they would learn English, letters and sounds and all that but we'd still have plenty of bonding time. It's from 7:15-10:15.


Christine said...

My Adam is in 8th also! I hope Jasmine has a better rest of day. :)

PreSchoolMama said...

My sister had the A.C.E program in school and had several problems. At that school they used Beca until 3rd and than everyone did A.C.E one of her teachers said she wouldn't graduate (I believe she was a freshmen then) but after switching schools she was an A,B student. She wanted to invite that teacher to her college graduation.