Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Night

Waiting around for Jessica's first date.

Hehehe. Dad's ready.
He's here. Hmmm. Nice.

Mess with The Mommy and you may find yourself doing wall pushups during game time!
Cheyenne offers a word of encouragement.
Pet Shop Go Fish
My cards

Rootbeer floats. Yum! (We used 'reduced fat no sugar added' ice cream)

Playing Catch Phrase Junior. This has become a favorite and with the junior version everyone can play. We don't really play in teams. One person just starts out and describes the words and everyone else guesses. When his/her turn is done he/she passes it to the next person. We don't keep any kind of score.

We had wings and potato skins too. Got to keep up our energy for the games : )

It was really fun but kind of different with Jessica out on a date. She is out most Friday nights with the marching band at football games but this was an off week. Guess I'd better get used to it.

If you are following this blog, you might also want to follow our adoption one. We had no movement on our file this month but are waiting to hear about the interview. Blog HERE.


BIG DOG said...

Had lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

It's an adjustment when the kids start making their own plans instead of spending family nights at home. With two off at college, I miss the days of having all my chicks in the nest!

Lou said...

Yeah big Dog looks like you had a lot of fun.. You must have had the winning hand.
I waste my Friday nights at the bowling alley!!!

I hope Jessica had fun and has come home by now!!