Saturday, October 11, 2008

Busy Saturday

First of all, thank you for your comments on the church thing. The reason I haven't approached the pastor is because in a church our size there are several pastors under him who are suppose to handle the problem. And they are the "ABC team." And secondly, I don't want them to say that Ty can work in nursery because they are told they have to. I know how they feel. I would not even want them to ask him to. In this case it truly is their loss and the sad thing is that they don't seem to care that they've alienated a teen from the church. And people wonder why kids drop out of church when they are old enough. Ty, Jessica, Adam and I are visitng one of two new churches we plan to try tomorrow. We don't want to involve Jasmine yet at this point because she's so bonded to G. & N.

Today was a really full day. The pictures below are up to lunch. More to come later.

At night our cats go out and dogs come in. So first thing in the morning the cats come in to eat and the dogs go out to potty and eat.

Warming up. Yep, I know the cleats are untied. They came untied during the game and when she stopped to tie them, a lady yelled, "hey ref, a kid's tying her shoes" and he turned right toward our bleachers and said, "So." I wanted to say, "So, she just had surgery on her neck and she's cleared for soccer, not to get stepped on." But I didn't. The ball was out of play anyway so would it have hurt anything to wait a second. But the rules say you can call time for tying a cleat if YOUR team has the ball but not the other team. But since it was out of play what difference would it have really made?

Game time

Jessica refs.

Taking a bite of Jaz's treat.
Not sure about this.
We did our Purpose Driven Life chapter at a nearby park this week. It was Chapter five which talked about how our view of life influences how we live our life. Like if we think life is a race we will be focused on winning and doing things quickly. If we think like is a party we will be focued on pleasure.The author's point is that life on earth is a test & that character is both revealed and devolped by tests. And life is a trust. God entrust us with talents, m oney etc. and the morme God gives you, the more responsible he expects you to be.

You see us playing this game a lot. That's because it's easy to take along on our PDL time Saturdays. It's Catch Phrase Jr. A player has a certain amount of time to describe as many words as they can while the others guess them. You are suppose to play in teams but we don't and we don't keep score. We also allow some acting out of the words.

We took all the makings for kabobs and our little grill with us.

You can only drink from the bottle if you are taking the last drink before it's empty.
Ty loves tree climbing.

At the playground after we finished out Purpose Driven Life chapter.
I was amazed she could do this without it hurting her neck (due to her surgery)
This adds a whole new dimension to tag.

Later today we are trying on costumes and baking pumpkin face cookies.


PreSchoolMama said...

I'm so glad today went better for you. Good Luck visiting church tomorrow it can be hard, but hopefully God will lead you to the right one.

BIG DOG said...

Had a lot of fun yesterday.
Next time - you go get the charcoal!