Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hectic Weekend

So much is going on this weekend that it'll probably take four posts!!

If you read the last post, you saw it was Jasmine's school festival. Thankfully soccer had been canceled due to heavy rains Friday which soaked the field. If they play on the fields while they are wet, it tears the grass up and it's a fairly new sports complex.

Jessica plays alto sax.

Getting ready for the show.

Jessica had district marching band performance assessment today. Thirteen high school marching bands performed 3 or 4 songs and were judged on marching ability, flag/dance team performance, music and overall effect. No one competed against each other, they were judged by predetermined standards. The bands had from 26 student to 170 students. Ours has 70.

The school with 170 band members took up the whole field. Our only used about half to march their show.
Bands received marks of good, excellent and superior in each area and then an overall rating. I was nervous for our band because this is the first assessment I've been to. I had no idea how they rated them or what they looked for but our band got superiors in every category. I am so happy for them. The director can get a bit intense.

After the awards, Jessica and I had to rush to the civic center for the last bit of the Tops in Blue concert. It was totally packed but Rick and the others had saved two seats right in the middle for us. We had to climb over a ton of people who weren't happy but oh well. Jessica was still in her uniform minus the sash and the hat.

Today we do Purpose Driven Life 7 (I think) and it's the fall festival at church.

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Lou said...

You do keep way too busy. Congrats on the superior in band Jessica.
I am sure you all worked hard for that.