Monday, October 20, 2008

The Good, the bad, the ugly

It has been quite a weekend and some of it has already been posted, such as the home coming activities.

Saturday mornings are always soccer--reffing for Jessica and playing for Jasmine. This week Jessica reffed our game. And she had to call our only goal illegal--so no goal. Our coach was all over her. There was a goal kick and the ball has to leave the goal box before it can go back into play. One of our players charged into the box and intercepted the ball and put it in the goal. Jessica kept saying, "wait, wait, wait," but no go and so it wasn't a goal. Jessica was following the play book and I think our coach needs to review it.

Then our goalie caught a ball but instead of doing a drop kick, she sat the ball down and backed up to kick it. When she sat the ball down, it was legally back in play and one of the players on the other team booted it right into the goal behind our goalie. Again the coach yelled at Jessica and said the ball was not in play because our goalie had it. But she didn't. We got beaten about 8-0 and our coach was not happy.

(This is a real picture of the church)
On Sunday, Tyler, Jessica and I went to try a new church. (If you missed the start of this, go back to the Oct 10 post) I was not thrilled. When we went in, a bunch of teens were on the stage goofing around with guitars and a keyboard. A few minutes before the service, they started singing. One girl messed up the song and they all started over. I am all for teens being involved. But not necessarily in charge of starting the service and leading all the singing. The service did not feel like a worship service to me. It felt more like high school chapel or a camp chapel. I guess I am very traditional. At our church, the teens do special music during the service, but we have a music director who leads the singing and an adult choir.

However, Ty enjoyed it and he's really the one who needed a change of churches. So we've decided, at least for now, that Ty (who is 18) will attend the new church and Jessica and I and the rest of our family will stay at our old one. It really works best for our family as a whole. It's large and has a lot of choices of activities for each age group. The church we visited was small and we would really stand out. And it doesn't have the same quality of programs. I just can't see us worshipping and serving there as a family.

This doesn't mean that I in any way agree with what our church did to Tyler, but that was a few people not the whole. (And I don't think we needed a $24 million dollar new sanctuary!) Since I quit my job, which I was going to do either after Christmas or at the end of the school year anyway (it is no longer any fun and the joy is gone since C. took over), I will not encounter these people until the twins come home and are on the preschool floor.

I miss serving in the church. I lived on the preschool floor both as a volunteer and as a paid worker later. I may see if I can work with the older children. G. is in charge of that and she is a wonderful person.

This was a very stubborn weekend for Adam. He won't tell himself "no" to anything so if something pops into his mind, he does it. No thought about injury to himself or someone else or consequences of any sort. He also works harder to get out of working than it would be to just do his jobs.

He is on restriction but can earn privileges by doing things listed on his chart. He has a chart of everything he has to do everyday because he tells us he can't remember what to do. This includes things like what time to be up and dressed, making his bed, even eating breakfast. So, do what you are suppose to, have fun time. Don't do it, sit in your room.

So this weekend he spent a lot of time sitting in his room.

In the meantime, the rest of us went to read chapter six of Purpose Driven Life. (He will read it on his own). This chapter was on life here being temporary and how that should cause us to focus on things eternal.
We had hotdogs.


This is the walking path.

After the park, the girls and I went to rent a movie and the guys went home. We chose Spiderwick Chronicles for the girls and then we got Ironman for the guys because we didn't know if they'd want to watch Spiderwick.


Christine said...

I know finding a church is hard. Remember though, your family is the church, and finding a church that could be made better in order to serve Him better might be the challenge that your you and your children need. Since you served so much in your other church, don't you think you cand find a place to plug yourself in a new church? I just think you would be so much happier. Big Hugs.

PreSchoolMama said...

We decided to stay at our church too. I don't agree with all the fundraising for the building and everything but my kids are plugged in and no matter where I go no church is going to be perfect. I'm sure you do miss serving I think working in the older areas is a good idea. It sounds like Jessica is having a tough week hopefully this week goes better.

Kathy said...

I agree preschoolmama. I don't agree with our church's need for such a huge fancy sanctuary. The balcony in the new one is equivalent to the entire seating, floor and balcony, of the other church. That means we will go from three morning services to one. Ugh. I like our early service. But I feel no strong call to leave and I think it has the best choices of programs for our kids. Jasmine has been really upset at the thought of leaving G. and also the choir. And it's hard for our family to just blend in in a smaller church.

BIG DOG said...

Yes, it has been a hard week. But, we will get through it.

One Crowded House said...

you guys had a busy weekend!!!!