Saturday, December 5, 2015

Thanksgiving Week part 2

I posted about the first couple of days of vacation previously. The whole week was pretty much the same--family time at home. And the kids didn't mind that at all.

Jasmine cooked supper a couple of times.

Jessica came over and she and Rick played Scene It

Tyler, Jasmine and Kayla played Escape:The Curse of the Temple. It's from Queens Game and it's a board game that comes with a CD that explains the game and provides sound effects. Instead of there being one winner, you work together to win as a team. If you don't work together, there's a good chance you'll all "die." 
Jasmine and Jessica played Mind Flex that is supposed to improve concentration.

And then Jessica asked to play Mousetrap. What is your family's favorite game?
Rummikub had been our favorite, but I think the kids have a new favorite because they played Escape three days in a row! 

We did a photo shoot in the park Wednesday afternoon, and I'll post those photos later. Then we had our family Thanksgiving dinner.
I gave everyone a pack of graham crackers and supplied a variety of candy, marshmallows etc and challenged them to make something. The twins didn't try it, but the big kids did.  
Jasmine and I worked on a nativity.  Our plans for a grandiose stable were quickly dashed but, oh well, right?  
Jessica's people looked more like penguins, so I challenged her to build a penguin enclosure. She made a very grand one! 
Adam hasn't dated anyone steady since Deja, so he brought his friend Leon. I see Leon at Planet Fitness a lot. 
Kaleb helped Rick cook. 
I'm not sure how they got this to stay up. Ty's kept falling, and he gave up. 
Jessica's penguin encounter. Note the penguins roasting marshmallows over a fire in the front corner. 
 Our quite simple nativity! The white blobs are sheep.
Jessica got a turkey from work and we bought a ham for Jasmine's band fundraiser, so we had both. Adam brought mashed potatoes and gravy from Church's Chicken. (Is that just in the south?) 

They tried to show Adam and Leon how to play the game, but I think everyone was too distracted by then.

The next day, which was actually Thanksgiving, we grilled on the beach. I'll start with that next post.

I'm doing a drawing for three DVDs on THIS post. If you don't want to win one for yourself, you can use it as a stocking stuffer.


megan said...

Our family game is Pictionary. We always get some funny answers when we play it since the only one of us that can actually draw is Bryan. One time we played Shane drew the star of David and pickles. The answer was Kosher but Leah came up with Jewish pickles.

One Crowded House said...

We like Telestrations and Pic Wits. We have also been liking Reverse Charades.