Thursday, December 31, 2015


Since we celebrated with the adult children on Christmas Eve, we had only the four children living at home with us on Christmas Day.

Our kids have never (thankfully) gotten up early on Christmas morning. I got up at 7:30, started breakfast and then woke everyone else up.
Kayla, age 10

Jasmine, 14
Kaleb, 10 
Tyler, 25

This year my main gift to everyone was money. For Kaleb it was in the form of a week of camp that he wants to do. For Kayla it's a five week mission trip through Teen Missions. I was going to sign Kaleb up too,but he did not want to go at all. Tyler and Jasmine both got gift cards with instructions to spend them money on their favorite hobby. I also got everyone clothes.

They also had a combined gift from my mom and sister and a gift from my brother. We will later be buying Just Dance 2016 with money from Rick's parents.

The next couple of days we were just around home playing. Then Jessica had her baby. I will post about that next time.

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