Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Photo Shoot in the Park 2

Ty is very at home in a tree, but it took a little work to get Kaleb up there with him. The girls didn't want to try it.
Kaleb wasn't too sure about it at first.

 It was nice to see different combinations of kids interacting. This doesn't always happen.

 Jessica looks so young in this picture

Ty swinging Kaleb in the air. I didn't get a good picture in motion.

 They found a tree that was easier to climb. Jessica and Kayla didn't climb up with the others. Probably not a good idea for Jessica with being pregnant!

 I didn't climb up either, so Jessica took some photos of me on the ground.

 Brother and sister. Ty is older, but most people think Jessica is because of Ty's aspergers.

 They let me get a few nice ones together--then the typical brother-sister stuff started!
 And Jessica got bored.

So that was pretty much the end of photos, and I let everyone go play on the playground.

Here are a few photos from Jessica's camera:

Visit her photography blog HERE


Emily said...

My favorite is the one of Ty and Kaleb in the tree together. Great photo!

Kathy Cassel said...

Thanks. It's fun to take them there for pictures. And we'll have a new one for the pictures soon!