Monday, December 14, 2015

Photo Shoot in the Park Part 1

I took advantage of the beautiful weather to take photos in the park. Jessica and I took a short community education photography class and wanted to practice using our manual settings, so she came along. The park is a little challenging due to all the shadow from the trees.

I had each person dress to their personality and preferences.
 Jasmine has this look, but she also will occasionally dress up. As long as her attitude is good, I'm not that picky about what she wears.

Which photo of Jasmine should I have enlarged for my wall?

 This is how we often see Ty, so I took the picture.
 Jessica took one of us together.
 Kaleb isn't big on clothes and style. He pretty much wears what I set out for him.
From a different angle. See all the shadows behind him? Not quite sure how to deal with them. Fill flash?

 Jessica was really starting to show when I took these. A little different to see my baby girl ready to have her baby girl. I'm sure we will be taking plenty of pictures of River for our next class.

 These two get along so well.


In a tree is Ty's favorite place to be photographed.

 Which photo of Ty should go on my wall?

I have more photos, but I don't want anyone to go into photo overload, so I'll post more in the next post.

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