Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thanksgiving Day on the Beach

Since we had our family dinner the night before Thanksgiving, Rick and I headed to the beach on Thanksgiving Day with the kids still living at home. We grilled steaks along the white sand of the Emerald Coast.

The kids played catch and climbed on the jetties while Rick grilled.

I love our scenery. Unfortunately this park is about 45 minutes from home.

Speaking of white sands of the Emerald Coast, someone is coming to hang out on them on Saturday. Can you guess who? And yes, we are taking out the kayaks that day. In December!
We had times when we were all together. Although not all of the children are in this picture, all five pets are. Unfortunately a couple of days later Max, the yellow cat in front of Kaleb, who got at 6 weeks old and we've had 16 years, met a violent death just days later and I am still having trouble processing it. (And I know that sooner or later I will stop crying, but I am a big wuss). 

I bought a game called Twister Skip it. Everyone had fun with it.

Kaleb's record is 68 skips.

We made easy apple dumplings using crescent rolls, apples and Sprite. I will be posting the recipe on my girls' blog soon.

They looked burned in spots, but that's from the cinnamon. 

The kids tried out a new basketball I got on black Friday. It's green. Can you see it in the picture?

 We spent a lot of time making crafts which I'll be showing more of on the girl's blog.

The links to all of my blogs are on the sidebar now, as is a Google+ button to follow this blog (I think-it's still new to me)

In the next few posts I will be sharing the photos I took of the kids at the park, our visit with Santa and our weekend visitors!

And within three weeks we will be meeting River Cheyenne so I'll have baby news!

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