Thursday, December 31, 2015

River is Here!

In the midst of doing our list from the girl's blog HERE or parenting blog HERE, we took time out to have a baby--well, my daughter did. Here's a brief account.

Monday night I went to bed knowing Jessica was going in to be induced at 4 a.m. Tuesday. For many reasons including that one, I couldn't fall asleep until 1:00. Then I woke up at 3:30. A lot of the reason was also a four hour conversation with a fiction coach that gave me plenty to rewrite so things were spinning in my mind. I got up and started writing in what felt like the middle of the night.

At about 9:00 I got the call Jessica was in labor, so Jasmine and I left for the hospital. I had a new "Gigi" shirt.

Jessica was progressing very slowly, so I suggested we get her out of bed and sit her on a ball. I've heard it helps. Everyone looked at me weird, and the nurse wasn't in favor of it but I got bossy :)

You can't see the ball under Jessica, but you can see it under Lisa, Jessica's mother-in-law, who is a bit mischievous.

Gigi and Mimi waiting. (What do your grandkids call you? I am Grandma Kathy to my step daughter Ashley's kids and will be Gigi to River)
Jessica was making progress on the ball, but they decided she needed an epidural to help her relax so she would dilate better. Well, that just didn't happen, and she got stuck at 8. 

Finally just before midnight a decision was made to do a C section. It turned out to be a good idea. The baby was stuck in the birth canal face up. They think she'd been stuck about four hours!

Unfortunately she started breathing before she was out and swallowed fluid. Then she wasn't breathing well at all. 

She was rushed out of the room without Jessica even holding her and hooked up to various machines and things to help her breath better and was transported to another hospital. It was about 2:00 a.m. by time she'd been stabilized and ready for transport. Jessica only got to touch River's hand through the transport unit. She remained at the hospital she was at while River went to NICU at a nearby hospital.

I would love to show pictures, but Hunter doesn't want any pictures posted of River with the tube. However, I was able to snap a quick one as they whisked her by us to get ready for transport.

Yesterday I went to see River at NICU. I was only able to place my hand on her leg. They don't want people to touch her because they don't want her stimulated right now while they are working to regulate her breathing.

I went up again today (Thursday the 31st) and while I was there they took out the breathing tube in her nose.

They took out her feeding tube so now she can eat.

Jessica should be discharged tomorrow (1/1/2016) from the hospital she is at, and she will be able to go to the hospital River is at and hold her for the first time.


mmscl said...

River is just beautiful! Many congratulations to you all, and wishes for good health!

schnitzelbank said...

Congrats! I'm glad they decided to go ahead with the c/s and everyone is safe.

pat said...

Very beautiful baby! Congrats to all.

Kathy Cassel said...

Thank you. She is doing great now.