Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Between Trips

We've only had three days between our trips to New York, New Orleans, Orlando and then Indiana. Between Orlando and Indiana, we went diving. Ty certified in 2005 but then only dove once, and that was shortly after he certified.

July 2 Refresher shallow dive for Ty, and Jasmine working on clearing her ears. The ENT specialist wasn't much help.

Shallow dive

Shallow dive. Regulator recovery.

Shallow side of the jetties.

Photo bomb by our pregnant snorkeler.

Dive buddies.

Merman sighting

I hired our instructor to go with us on the dives since we are all beginners.

About 40 feet down

I didn't know I could keep it. I thought if it was that deep, it was alive. But I guess they are green if they are still alive. Ty kept his.

July 3 we took time to go to the pool
I work on teaching them to swim in the summer.

We went to the bay for the 4th of July.Jessica and Adam had to work, so we had a lot less people. 

Jasmine is my spotter

Kaleb on the kneeboard. He left wearing a swimsuit and lifejacket. He returned wearing only the lifejacket!! Perhaps I should get him compression shorts for kneeboarding?

I let him borrow my towel.
The next day, July 5th, Ty, Jessica, Jasmine, the twins and I left for Indiana!


Anonymous said...

What a lot of fun, except poor Kaleb. Hmm I wonder who is the most excited for baby first time mom or first time grandmom?


Anonymous said...

Hey Kathy just another quick note, as a mom to an army reservist daughter and seeing todays news praying for both your military boys and all the others who serve our country.

God bless