Thursday, July 9, 2015

Orlando Crafts and Epcot

We had the chance to work with the Orlando Children's Church. Unfortunately, I didn't have a clear picture of the kids we were working with, so the crafts I had ready weren't interesting at all to the older kids. Knowing ahead, I would have done an activity with a sword Rick has, talked about the Bible being a sword and done balloon swords. So next time I'll know.
Getting Ready

Setting up books of the Bible blocks

Shell craft

This group of boys wanted to be anywhere but here.

The 4 year olds through second graders liked the crafts

I should have taken a picture of what the room looked like afterwards, because it would be unbelievable if you weren't there!

Afterwards we went to Epcot, and I bought my crew Chinese food for surviving!
First they cooled down in the hotel pool

Then off to Epcot. The Princess books has traveled everywhere with us this summer. 

Even Minnie loves the Princess book!!

Good food!

That was the last Saturday in June, so maybe I'll eventually get caught up!

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