Monday, July 6, 2015

Orlando Book Signing

I'm writing from the northern IN border. But my post goes back to our Orlando trip. Jasmine, Kaleb and I left for Orlando on June 25. Kayla did not go at the strong recommendation of her counselor.

We stopped at Chuck E.Cheese in Tallahassee. We haven't had one in our town for many years. In fact, I cashed in points from 2009.

Ty David flew in from KY Friday morning and we picked him up at the airport. I had a book signing and devotion panel with the Logos store owners just a short time after getting him. Thankfully we were able to pick him up curbside and go.
 Author friends reunite

Kaleb helping me get ready

Ty David getting books ready

We had a devo panel.

Look at this look on my face:
I'm not sure what Karen asked me, but ....

I'm not the only one:

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Anonymous said...

Sad Kayla didn't get to go. But it is understandable. Praying things will improve quickly for her with the counseling. I am sure it must be frustrating for you and your parents. Looks like you all are having a fun summer.