Monday, July 20, 2015

Indiana Trip part 1

On July 5, Ty, Jessica, Jasmine, the twins and I left for Indiana. For us, it's all about the trip. So we try to make stops in interesting places. Due to time this year, we did a couple of Chuck E Cheese and mall stops. Our first stop was Birmingham Mall where we rode the carousel. It was $2. Tyler, Jasmine and the twins had split off from us, so Jasmine, Jessica and I rode it. 

While we were riding it, the others found us and were watching. The man running it asked if the kids were all mine. When I said yes, he said we could ride for free! So the girls rode it for the second time while the others rode it for the first time. I opted to take pictures and talk with the man about our family and adoption (he and his wife have tried unsuccessfully for children).

I guess you're never too old to ride a carousel.

We drove on to just short of the Indiana border and stopped for the night.

The next day we stopped at a mall in Indy that didn't have much interesting in it, but we bought Frozen scrabble at a toy store and Jessica got a second piercing in her ears.

Stung a bit!

Then we stopped at Grissom AFB near Kokomo to show Jessica the tower the others had climbed last time we drove up during the summer (2013 I think). She wasn't with us.

I love when the "big kids" are together

I miss the years where everyone was home (even if I wondered if I'd survive them at times)

Here's the tower they climbed. I personally am not fond of heights, so while I probably could climb all the way to the top, it ceases to be fun about where Ty is standing in this photo. So that's how far I climb. (Stairs on the inside such as in a lighthouse or the Statue of Liberty don't bother me)

Jessica also isn't a big fan of heights, but for her it's the stairs not the actual height.

Ty took pictures at the top for me.

The princess book went to the top.

So these were the stops we made along the way. If we'd had more time, we would have loved to have stopped in Atlanta for the zoo, park and acquarium or in Chattanooga for Rock City. Maybe next summer.

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