Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Indiana Trip part 2

Once in Indiana, we started connecting with family and friends. The first day we just hung out at home, did circle time and ran in the park just as we would have if we were home.

Took my mom to Walmart for stuff she needed and to get a couple of things I needed. And we had lunch at the Walmart subway.

While we did this, the older ones went to Shipshewana to the flea market.
Tyler with my sister 
 Jessica doing some shopping at the Amish store.

Tyler with some of his treasures.

 Back at my mom's house, we had circle time. We read the trivia book, the picture books Ty bought and Journey to the Center of the earth.
We played Scrabble, but it didn't go as well as we'd hoped!

My sister and mom looking through all the crayon colors we got at the crayon place in the Orlando mall on our third trip of summer.

We went to a local park to run, and a high school friend and her daughter joined us. 
An Elk for Elkhart.
We celebrated Ty's birthday early. It's really in two days.

The next day we met up with another adoptive family at the zoo in Indiana. Now, those of you who follow both blogs are probably thinking, one family is from FL and one family is from SC so how in the world did they meet up in IN? Well, life is just like that some times! We discovered a couple of months ago that we would both be in Elkhart, IN the week of July 6. I grew up there, and Felicia's husband grew up near there and has relatives there.

So, does it seem weird to see our kids in pictures together?
We met up with another family in Orlando last trip. 

Felicia and I got slimed feeding the goats!

Sarah, me, Jasmine, Felicia

Jessica feeding the princess book to the turtle!

Jessica and Felicia's little guy hit it off great. He was more than happy to let her hold him and feed him popcorn. Unfortunately, his adorable little face shows in all the pictures.

Sarah was determined to see the red Panda and even though we went the round about way, we found him.

We took up a whole train car and neither family had all their children there.

Just a normal day for us.

 The kids partnered up to be pen pals. Michelle and Kayla
 Larissa and Jasmine
Anthony and Kaleb
Back at my sister's house

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Felicia said...

It was great meeting up again. Plan on meeting up again next summer. I know we are going to NC, if you can't make that maybe we will do a road trip to FL.