Saturday, July 25, 2015

Indiana part 4 -- A Very Muddy Adventure

Our last day there, some of us from our high school graduating class got together at a friend's in-law's lake house. It was over the state line so we snapped this photo.

I have the youngest children, of course, due to adopting children long past the age any of us would have given birth.

Jessica jumping off the pontoon wearing my new swimsuit

Deep water doesn't bother my kids--except Kayla

Next morning we loaded up and headed out.

Me and my mom.

We were really full on this trip!!! Six of us plus luggage, snorkel gear, a cooler, camera bag, a box of old books from my mom and a box of  Nutcracker (soldiers) my mom passed on to Ty.
Our destination was Turkey Run State Park. Ty and Jasmine were there with me a few years ago. I kept telling the others that our state park here in FL with sand, the jetties, sea grass etc isn't the same as the ones I went to with my dad on vacation in high school. I decided it was time to show them the trails.

However, Indiana had gotten A LOT of rain. Some of the trails were totally impassable with shoulder deep water. Others were passable to those of us not quite sane.
The river (Sugar Creek, I think) was really high.

Here are pictures of the kids still clean. Hehe. They had no clue.

Suspension bridge

Ty loves to climb, so this is a great place for him.

We did some extra off trail climbing!

You have to go up the waterfall. We all made it.

Side trip  up to another waterfall

Oops. It's slippery.

Down two ladders

 Long way down!

No, there isn't normally a river here. Sometimes a trickle of water.

It got a little deep at places.

So that was our adventure at Turkey Run. We hiked a combination of three different trails to make a loop due to flooded out areas. The kids absolutely loved it.

We spent the night nearby and then headed to KY to drop Ty off at a meeting point. The bridges between IN and KY were under construction plus there was an accident so it took a long time to make this trip!

We drove on, stopped at a Chuck E Cheese in Alabama for a break, dropped Jessica at about 2 a.m. and got home about 2:20.

And that's the end of our Indiana adventure. Except that I am going to post about the cemetery visit as a separate post later.

I miss being with family and people who were friends years ago and another adoptive family. So nice not to have to explain why a child is sitting time out or not doing something and not having to defend myself because said child is acting totally innocent and sweet at the time.

So, four trips with three days in between each. We did it. We survived. I was ready to be done traveling.

Now we are trying to finish up required summer work, and Jasmine is in high school band camp. Play tryouts for Missoula Summer theater is in a week.