Friday, July 24, 2015

Indiana part 3

We did a lot of just regular stuff in Indiana. We went to the mall to get somethings we wanted.

 They have a Christian bookstore, so of course we looked to see if they had any of my books. They had four of them. (Only one shown in this picture)
Tyler got a little bored and found ways to amuse himself.
 My sister is normally sane and quiet. I think her husband is always glad to see us go as we tend influence her :)

Jessi and I spent some time brainstorming ideas. Now we need to follow up on them. Writing for me, crafts and sewing for her.

We were invited to do a prediction run. You guess your time for either the 3K or 5K. Time limit is 30 minutes, so Jessica, Jasmine and I did the 3K, and the others the 5K. However, the trail wasn't really marked, so we did part of the 5K route too. I have no idea how far we really went. More than 3K, less than the full 5K.

Well, we had fun together no matter what our distance or times were.

Yeah, it was really hot.
Everyone ran but our crew finished before my sister started taking pictures.

We went to McDonalds afterwards to meet up with a friend and her daughter who is a runner.

 Next day we went over to Mishawaka to Chuck E Cheese.

We don't have one, and I had tokens left from the two we stopped at in conjunction with the Orlando trip.


We made arrangements to meet up with Felicia again. I wish our families lived closer together. Funny to meet up in IN.

The girls all got along great.

Yes, we were thrilled to be there! Really we went and shot baskets.

 The plan was that after Chuck E Cheese we would shop a little at the nearby mall, go home and change and meet Rick's parents for early dinner at 4:00. We soon realized that plan wouldn't work. There wasn't enough time. And we were meeting them at Great Wall of China. We'd be driving past it home to change and then back. I should have had everyone dress for dinner before we went to Chuck E Cheese, but I figured that we'd spill soda or pizza on the clothes.

The boys looked okay, but Kayla's shirt was stained, Jasmine's was a little thin, and Jessica and I were wearing Minion shirts! So we decided we'd just get new shirts at the mall for the girls.

Kayla was easy. We got her a full outfit at Children's place. The rest of us weren't so easy.
We met up with Felicia's crew again at the mall.

We got Jasmine a hoody to go over her shirt. Good thing because it was cool with the a/c in the restaurant. I got a shirt and jacket, and Jessica got a sleeveless top. She ended up going out to the SUV to get a hoody I'd left in it. I often leave a jacket in the car since I know some places with a/c are cold in the summer.

We had a really good time with Rick's parents. And the food was excellent. The portions were so big we could have easily shared a meal between two people. Kayla ate all of hers, but I don't know how. The rest of us ate half and took the rest home for another meal!

Ty decided to eat a couple of hot peppers! 
 We video taped the pepper experience.

The kids with Grandpa and Grandma Cassel

Jessica with an afghan my mom crocheted.
More to come!


Anonymous said...

Adorable afghan your mom made. There is a really great sewing blog out there Jessica may be interested in. She does a lot of neat kids and baby stuff, videos teaching you how to sew various things also. She designs and sells patterns but she also gives away a lot of free patterns also.


Kathy C. said...

I will let her know. Thanks Erica. She's hoping to find a way to earn enough money to stay home I think.