Sunday, June 29, 2014

Atlanta Day 5 and 6

On Tuesday we went back to ICRS for more book signings and to see more authors.
If you read Christian romance, check out Rachel Hauck--The Wedding Dress, Once Upon a Prince, Princesses Ever After

with baseball player Darrel Strawberry

If you're looking for a summer read try Robin Caroll's Injustice for All or Deliver Us from Evil, the first books in two different series.

Jasmine with KB and Lacrae

Jasmine with Colton Dixon

Jasmine with Karen Kingsbury, her husband Don Russell and daughter Kelsey.

Jasmine was singing for them, but there was LOUD music playing in the background, so I'm not sure how she kept on tune.

with Ted Dekker

With Hannah Alexander. Hannah Alexander is a made up name for a husband/wife writing team. She was there alone signing their newest book Hallowed Halls.

With Christian comedian Anita Renfroe. We are the same age, and she does a lot about middle age and life changes. She's right on target on with her humor.

This picture is from Jasmine's camera and is of the author's boot camp on Sunday.

with Torry Martin on Sunday on the way to the opening event
Wednesday was the last day of ICRS, and it closed at 3. It's pretty quiet on the floor that day. Most of the signings are on Monday and Tuesday. There are usually just a few less known authors signing on Wednesday, and a lot of people have gone home. That's why I was surprised they had the God's Not Dead actors signing the DVD on Wednesday.

We met a teen author at the Zondervan booth.

We said goodbye to a lot of people we won't see again until next year's ICRS, assuming we are able to go. Until then, we follow them on facebook.

We left before noon and headed to the Atlanta Zoo. Easier said than done since one of the streets on my directions was nowhere to be found. I called Rick and he pulled up a map and talked me there. That even had challenges as some of the streets had been renamed. But he's my hero, and he got me there. I'll post the zoo pictures next time.

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