Saturday, June 21, 2014

Atlanta Day 1

We left for Atlanta Thursday afternoon after Jasmine's hip hop class. It was late when we got in so we didn't do anything that night.

The next morning we went to Ferndbank Museum of Natural History. It is pretty small compared to Chicago or NYC's natural history museums. We've seen souvenir coins several place now so started collecting them. Jessica and I got really nice, heavy ones at the Statue of Liberty 3 for $10. These were smaller and lighter and only $1. (The ones at World of Coke are the same size and material and were $5!! We didn't get them.)

They had a special whale exhibit.

They had a dinosaur room and these big dinos in the center.

Outside the museum

After this, we drove into downtown Atlanta to our hotel.The parking is $15 a day!! Yikes. But the lady adjusted it to $10 day, and she lowered my rate. Our first two nights were $30 cheaper than the rest of the week due to prices going up with the season, but (she said) she put them all at the cheaper rate. I'll see when we leave. I think she really liked Jasmine : )

The worst part was trying to park the SUV in a parking garage made for compact cars. I'm glad I left Jasmine at the hotel because I said a few words I didn't know that I knew!! I really could not find a parking place big enough for the SUV. I ended up backing it in between two cars who were probably saying some pretty colorful words when they had to get into their cars.

I don't plan to move the SUV until we leave on Wednesday. We are close enough to walk everywhere. We walked over to the aquarium. We took a short cut through Centennial Olympic park.It was probably a little less than a mile.
The lady at the desk also gave us a tenth floor room that had a window and tiny balcony. I don't think you are really supposed to go out onto it but, well....

You can see the gold dome of the capitol building.

They have a working ferris wheel that's new since we were here three years ago.

Shortcut through Centennial Olympic Park
Reflecting pool
the aquarium

food court in the CNN building

Atlanta at night

We saw them filming a movie called "Survivor's Remorse." Some people saw the actors from Insurgent practicing zip lining off on of the buildings here today too. We missed that. It's set in Chicago, but they are filming part of it here. We probably won't see any of the filming because we have events the next few days and we don't know exactly when or where they'll be.

So this was Friday, our first day in Atlanta.


One Crowded House said...

You have been able to take such awesome trips this year! What exciting adventures!

Kathy C. said...

This one is actually a business trip with some fun added on the front end