Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Vacation Begins

The kids got out at 11:30 on Friday. We have lots of plans to do stuff right here, but it depends on the weather and behaviors. Friday was beautiful weather and everyone was cooperating, so we went to the pool for the first time this season. I worked with them a little on glides and glides with kicks. Next time we'll review arm strokes. Hopefully they'll learn rotary breathing this summer. Jasmine pretty much has it down. Last summer the twins got as far as front crawl without the breathing so should be able to learn it this year.

Kaleb got A/B honor roll and pefect attendance. The girls didn't make honor roll due to math. Kayla had perfect attendance, but since she changed schools, they probably didn't know that or her new school doesn't give out pefect attendance.
Good news is that Jasmine passed her reading FCAT and her Civics end of year exam so she'll be able to have band again next year.

We headed over to the pool in the afternoon.

Then we played  Wii Active Life Exteme Challenge. 

Jasmine has the double dutch record--1029 jumps!!!!

Adam came over. He was leaving for two weeks reserve duty Friday night.

Right now Adam is in Oklahoma and Ty and Jeff are both in Kentucky about an hour and a half apart. Next Sunday the twins start their mission camp and will be gone a week. Before they get back, Jasmine and I will leave for Atlanta. Then Adam will be home and Ty will be home for two weeks.  So people are coming and going this summer.


Emily said...

Three cheers for Jasmine's FCAT!!!!!

Felicia said...

So glad that Jasmine will be able to continue in band!