Monday, June 2, 2014

Bike Rodeo

Every year there is a bike rodeo nearby. It is free, and the kids are fitted for new helmets (also free). Jasmine's from last year was a little small. Kayla's was fine but she got a new one anyway. Kaleb "chose" not to go. 
They check all the bikes to make sure they are safe and in good repair.

They have the kids ride through a course. And they also have them try to throw newspapers into a basket. (Like the old newspaper delivery boys used to do. Does anyone do it on bike anymore?)

They also give away new bikes, several per age group. Hardly anyone comes in Jasmine's age group, and they had several ten speed bikes to give away, so she got one. Last year they didn't have bikes for that age group.

So that's what the girls did last Saturday.