Friday, June 13, 2014

Cooking Again

We took a break from the kids cooking. For one thing, we only have four at home now! It still feels weird. I usually make way too much at each meal, and we have too many left overs. I just did most of the cooking during the school year, but recently three of the kids asked to cook again. Well, two asked; and then I asked Jessica to make stir fry.

Kaleb made corn, potatoes and chicken drumsticks with a bbq sauce. It originally called for a mustard sauce, which some liked and some didn't. We tried mixing together a bbq/honey blend, and it was better. But both times we had trouble with the corn, potatoes and chicken being done at different times. So we've decided not to add this to our recipe book.

Jessica made stir fry. I've posted the recipe a couple of times before, so it's in the archives under recipes.

Jessica also made homemade strawberry shakes.
Strawberry Shake
½ lb strawberries sliced
2 Tbs sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 pint vanilla ice cream
½ c milk
1 Tbs strawberry syrup

Combine sliced strawberries, sugar and vanilla in bowl. Let set for 20 minutes. Pour all ingredients into blender and blend.

If you have more than a couple of people, you'll need to double or triple the recipe. And experiment with it to get the taste you want.This is just how we do it.

Jasmine made pancakes from a mix and bacon.

I forgot to take any pictures after the food was done!

Does anyone have a good recipe for home made pancakes or waffles that doesn't use too many ingredients?


Hevel said...

Yay, cooking is back!

The dish Kaleb cooked looks really good! I know the different cooking times are problematic, but I want to try it now.

What did Kayla cook?

Kathy C. said...

Kayla is the one who was interested in cooking again yet. They just left for a week at camp. I'll be gone when they get back. Then when I get back we'll get into a summer schedule and get everyone cooking again.

Anonymous said...

You might want to experiment with how big/small you chop the ingredients, if they are finishing at different times. I would leave the corn whole, or just throw in the chunks 1/2 through. Another easy way for corn is shuck, wrap in damp paper towels, and microwave for a few minutes. If those potatoes are taking too long, chop smaller, or pre-bake in microwave for a minute or two, before adding to recipe.

We don't make pancakes from scratch, or a traditional mix. They just spike blood sugar and then leave you with hungry crash (not good with my kiddos...or me!). I buy this mix "Kodiak Power Cakes" at Costco. Whole grain flour and protein powder. They are a little "healthy" tasting, compared to regular pancakes, but add all your toppings, and yum! My kids love them. And my kids are picky!

kayder1996 said...

Martha Stewart's from scratch pancakes are easy and taste great. That's the one I use. There are also some recipes out there for pancake squares that you bake in a pan (instead of doing on a griddle). They aren't quite as good as pancakes but they are easy to whip up.