Sunday, June 22, 2014

Atlanta Day 2

The Fountains at Centennial Olympic Park

In front of The World of Coke

The World of Coke

With the Coke bear. This was a person in costume. He had Jasmine's hat in his mouth at first.

Tasting Coke from different countries.

I was part of a panel of children's authors for an event.

Sharing with bookstore owners about children's books.

Signing my Bible Trivia devo.

After the book event we went on the inside CNN tour. They have an eight story high escalator.

They have been filming Insurgent (the second Divergent movie) in Atlanta. They zip lined from the top of one building to the other.
the black blobs on the edge are the zip liners. Of course the camera I had with me didn't have a card in it because I'd left it in my laptop after downloading pictures!! Arg. Of all the time to have a good camera and not be able to use it!!!

Six zip liners taken on phone. This was after 9 pm so obviously a night scene. We all stood there over half an hour (some people way longer than that) to see a ten second scene!!

So that was day 2.


Anonymous said...

Wow lots of fun yay. Like Jasmines dance shirt. I use to take ballet and Jazz. I always loved dancing. Now I just dance in my house for exercise.


Kathy C. said...

I got the shirt for her to wear to hip hop but she wears it other places too. I've never done dance.