Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Twins at Camp

The twins are at Peanuts camp at Teen Missions International in Merritt Island, FL. It's a no frills mission camp. It's not your typical play games and hang out with friends church camp. Some kids absolutely hate it, others love it. The twins love it. They are excited about next year when they are preteens. Preteens train for about 10 days in Merritt Island and then go to another location to do a project. There is usually one project in the southwest USA, and the rest are overseas. They both want to go, but it's very expensive because their fees also buy the supplies and I think help kids overseas go to camp too.

Here are some of the pictures that have been posted on the TMI facebook page.
Rally or Bible time. You can see Kaleb in the back in front of the lady standing up.

Kaleb with his team. Kaleb's in the green shirt.

The morning starts with obstacle course. Kaleb is in green.

A lot of energy first thing in the morning.

Kayla with her team. They learn about things like organization, following directions etc.

Kayla ready to start obstacle course. In the middle in the pink hat.

They put the books of the Bible in order as part of the obstacle course. We practiced at home with jenga blocks with the Books of the Bible written on them. I made them for my Bible program I lead occasionally.

Tomorrow Jasmine and I leave for Atlanta after her hip hop class. We will be doing the City Pass on Friday, early Saturday and whenever else we can fit it in. I have a children's authors book panel and book signing Saturday afternoon. I have author boot camp Sunday morning and a children's book event Sunday afternoon. The opening program is Sunday evening and then the book convention floor opens Monday morning. It's going to be a crazy few days. I'll try to post from Atlanta as I can.

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