Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Teen Missions Peanut's Camp

While Jasmine and I were in Atlanta, the twins finished camp and came home. Here are a few photos from camp.

These first photos are from the obstacle course. The mustard seeds and the peanuts share this miniature version of the regular obstacle course. Next year the twins will be preteens and the obstacle course will be quite challenging.

These pictures are from the project they did. I only saw pictures of Kaleb's, which was making a sidewalk. Kayla's was building trusses.

The rest of the pictures are from class times, rally and the closing commissioning ceremony.

They both survived and so did the leaders. That's about all  I'll say about the behavior at camp this year!! If they go next year, it will be a real learning experience, because they will have to follow the rules for five weeks!!


Felicia said...

I was wondering how the kids were doing at camp. Glad to know that everyone survived!

Felicia said...
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