Monday, August 27, 2012

Week Two

Today starts the second week of school for the younger kids and Jessica's first day as a college junior and her first day at FSU.
Our day starts around 5:15. I stagger out to the kitchen and start breakfast. I set everything out that I can the night before. Today we had hot oatmeal. Last night I measure the water into the pan and covered it and left it on the stove so I just had to turn it on. I measured out the oatmeal into a left over container so I just had to pour it in. The bowls, cups and bananas were already out as was the pan for the sausage.  I am not a morning person. The others get ready while I do this. Once I turn on the big kitchen light it means it's 5:30 and time to come out. Until then only the little stove light is on

Breakfast is easy--Monday-hot cereal, Tues- cold cereal, Wed-toast and peanut butter, Th-poptarts, Fri-whatever we decide on. We have fruit at breakfast, and this year I added a meat for protein. The twins were eating their lunch on the bus and pretty much it's a lack of control, not hunger, but I added the meat to fill them up more. The bus driver makes them leave their backpacks at the front of the bus because of the problems last year.

Rick, Jasmine, Adam (and Jessica on M and Th) have to be out the door at 6 a.m. or very shortly after.

The twins have to be out the door at 6:20. That will probably change to ten minutes earlier once the routes are set.

Jessica is excited about her underwater crime scene investigations classes and scuba class.

Adam has started cross country practice. He is deciding between military and college next year. He'd do fine at either.

 The hurricane dumped plenty of rain on Haiti.
 Those still in tent cities were hit hard.
It looks like the hurricane may go west of us, but we'd still get wind and rain. Either way, we are more or less ready.

We live near a bay. Although we can't access it or benefit from it, our yard floods from it anytime there is a tropical depression or storm. Maybe the kids can kayak in the yard again. They are talking about cancelling school tomorrow.

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