Friday, August 31, 2012

That Kind of Week

It's been one of those weeks, ya know? 

Last Friday one child pulled seven tags at school. Four times deliberately sat backwards in his chair rocking it. Ignored directions. Refused to work. So he brought a whole pile of papers home. Here we are a week later, and they are still not done. He's had to sit and work on them while others play Wii, watch movies etc because those things are only for after all work is done. Missing those things was not a motivator. He sits and refuses to do them. He is determined to win at all costs. What will he win by not doing them? Um, maybe getting his own way, but missing out on all the fun. I don't play the game. I tell him, "You will sit there. Do them or not. You are the one who has to face the teacher." 

Another thing that happened this week concerns Tyler. He has not been successful in getting a job. He wanted to go in the Air Force. He's been running, doing push up and sit ups and studying for the ASVAB (military test). He took the ASVAB and did great. He meets all the physical fitness requirements. But, he is mildly aspergers, which is a mild form of autism and no one with autism is allowed in any branch of service!!! You can have all sorts of other issues. I have a RAD child in the army. But they don't ask about that. There's a lot of things they don't ask about. But autism is on the list. We talked to multiple recruiters to find a way around it, but there isn't one. So now he needs a job. But really he needs a career. He's even willing to move as long as he  has a place to stay and some money. So if you have any ideas....

Then there's Jasmine. She failed all three sections of the FCAT. The reading one was a surprise because she tested at the top the previous two years. They changed strategies this year, and she did not do well. She may not have understood what she was to do. Anyway, her two electives--band and chorus--were replaced by intensive reading and intensive math. That's a second hour of math, it doesn't replace math. But then we found out she could get a PE waiver and be in intermediate band with her friends. 

But this week they decided her intensives have to be in a two hour block--Language arts followed by intensive reading, math followed by intensive math. Why this is I have no clue. And I've asked. And the answers make no sense. Especially since she's in resource for math. They feel two hours in a row is more effective. That means she has to be in math at the same time band meets. So they put her back in beginning band. Even though she moved up to intermediate. Even though she went to summer band camp. Even though she took lessons all summer.

There is no fighting it. Basically, it's a charter school, and we are there by choice. If we don't like their decisions we are welcome to go to the public school. So, I've told her to just be the best drummer in beginning band.

The high point of our week was, of course, kayaking in our yard and down the street.

Since I don't have any new pictures to go with this post, I took pictures of the furry members of our family, Shy is still missing (the tiger cat with crossed eyes). It's been almost three weeks, so I think he's gone.

 Scrappy is still hanging in there. He is 13 and has heartworm disease, arthritis and respiratory issues. But he is still as sweet as ever. It's hard to watch a pet get old and struggle : (

 Caspian is 18 months old.

Max is 13 years old.

Kiara is 8-9 months old. They said she wouldn't get much bigger. Ha! She almost doubled in size. She is really hyper, and she's so big and rough that she scares Caspian even though we got her to be a playmate for him. He has a tiny mouth and hers is huge. She can put  his whole head in her mouth! And she tries.
When we took Caspian to meet her at the shelter, she was little and shy. Seemed like a perfect match. I hope she calms down some.

She's playful, and she's not mean. She's just big and hyper.

These furry family members make me smile.


One Crowded House said...

Steven came home every day this week and says "I haven't gotten in trouble yet." I keep saying, "quit saying that- why not plan on NOT getting in trouble!"


Kathy C. said...

The twins will always go, "we were good at school and on the bust" so if they don't, I know to check their behavior charts! Amazingly Kayla has not pulled any tags yet. Yay!!!

Sarah said...

I'm sure you looked into this, but what about a trade school? Welding?

Or working down on the tide flats helping ship containers to Asia, etc?

My SO wanted to be in the airforce too, but couldn't because he is hard of hearing. So, he went and became a design engineer to work on the airplane. I know, Tyler isn't up to more schooling... BUT what about working at Boeing to help BUILD the airplanes! They are doing better than they ever have, and have tons of new contracts.

We have several plants here in Seattle area, and I know there are other across the country. When applying to Boeing, they use a computer system, so make sure you put in all major key words that are in the job description in the cover letter/resume.

Or maybe working at an airline. I have a friend who all he does is stock the airplane with food/pop. Despite what it sounds like, it is a career job.

Kathy C. said...

Thank you for the suggestions. He is open to many things. We can check into some of these.