Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Elkhart 2

On our last day in Elkhart, we went to South Bend to the zoo.
Kayla played this game on the way. You look for small objects hidden in all the pieces. This one is based on Veggie Tales. It's a good car game.

Back home playing Wii.
A friend dropped by for pizza.
We left for FL Tuesday morning and drove from Elkhart to Birmingham. We stopped in Decauter at the fountains again.

We got home Wednesday afternoon.

Overall everything went well, but we are dealing with issues that are increasing in frequency and seriousness, and I'd hoped we were making better progress. So it's back to the counselor next week. 

School starts on the 20th and there's lots we still want to do.

Adam called right after we got home. His team is back in FL. I'm hoping he has photos from Trinidad. He'll be home Sunday night.

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