Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Making the Most of It

The storm went west of us. We had just a little rain and wind. Mostly the storm surge and high tide put the bay into our yard and road. I got the kids up and sent them outside because how often do you get to kayak in your yard and road. Normally we don't have access to the bay near us.
It started this deep and got deeper as the time passed. Soon it was up to Kiara's (puppy) chest.

Caspian wasn't sure about all the water at first. But then he started enjoying it.

Kiara loved the water. So did Adam! It was still pretty shallow at this point.

The back yard was probably the deepest place.
Playing limbo under the trampoline.
The dogs decided they liked running free.

Tyler and a neighbor paddled through a few yards and right out into the bay! This is the only time we can access the bay!

Our back steps. Actually they should be our front steps but the people put the house in with the front of the house at the back!
Lots of little water snakes to keep us company!

This is a colony of fire ants together trying not to drown. Ugh. Go ahead and drown!

This is the only thing that worries me. I hope there is nothing on the floor that will get ruined. Also something happened and we don't have electricity at the back of the house--our bedroom and bathroom.
Kiara decided to take the kayak out for a ride.

Caspian climbed into the kayak with Tyler.

I talked Adam into jumping off the trampoline into the water so I could get a picture. 

And Tyler.
Kaleb with neighbor.

So that's how we spent the morning. It's beautiful out, but everyone has showered (including the dogs) and are inside now. Some of the kids are watching Racing Stripes.


One Crowded House said...

are your sheds on stilts too? I'm assuming your house is raised up a few feet? My kids would think that was the most awesome thing if they could kayak in our yard!

Kathy C. said...

The sheds are raised but not as much as the house. It's a manufactured home so they are always (I think) up on blocks rather than a foundation.