Friday, August 3, 2012

Chicago 3

On Tuesday we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. We had all day to spend there. We started with a flight simulator. Then looked at some planes.

We went through some exhibits about weather storms.
Saw some space stuff.
And train stuff.
They had a machine that assembled and packaged a graviton toy. Some of the kids paid the money to have one made just for them. Here they are trying them out.
There was a climbing wall that had to do with making decisions about businesses. The littles had no clue what the business choices meant but had fun climbing the wall.

Tyler got a tin roof sundae.

There were freshly hatched chicks.
And an imaginative play area.
Kayla tried out the tractor.
The tires were taller than the three littles.
We stayed until late afternoon and then drove to Elkhart to see my mom and sister.

To be continued....

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