Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy 21st bithday

Today my Jessi bear is 21!!
We have always been close. Right from the start.

Have you ever seen a cuter face?

She has always been my one who wanted to go faster and higher.

She always wanted to try something new. She'd do every activity available if she had time.

She takes after her Aunt Lou in not wanting to wear shoes. It can be 110F and I'll have tennis shoes on.

Jasmine got her a shirt.
Tyler got her a model of an Anime character.
Aunt Lou got her Hunger Games, but she has to go stand in line for the midnight release Friday to get the free bag!!

This wasn't much of a surprise since she tried it on at the store.

My brother and I went in on an Asus for her plus geek squad services, anti virus and full accidental and mechanical coverage! She will need this for her last two years of college.

Happy birthday Jessi Bear!


Felicia said...

Happy 21st birthday! They sure grow up fast.

Rose Anne said...

Happy 21st!
Blessing Jessica!

Karen said...

Jessica, Happy, Happy Birthday. You are a lovely young woman. Blessings**

Kathy C. said...

Thank you for your birthday wishes for Jessica. I will pass them on to her.